Sunday, May 08, 2011

Eastern Seaboard Sampler

Eastern Seaboard Sampler
Jeanette Douglas
28 ct white linen
Recommended thread pack

Row 1: Anne of Green Gables House
Row 2: Anne's freckles
Row 3: Lupines that can be seen all over New Brunswick
Row 4: Fiddleheads that are harvested and eaten
Row5: PEI is known for potatoes and NB also has a whole lot of them
Row 6: The mock buttonhole stitch represents the red soil
Row 7: Milanese water
Row 8: Apple trees are all over the Maritimes, but the Annapolis Valley is especially well-known for their apples.

Row 9: Rhodes apples
Row 10: Annapolis Valley is in Nova Scotia
Row 11: Sand and Marram grass found on some of the dry sandy beaches
Row 12: Medieval stitch represents the Atlantic Ocean
Row 13: Lobster traps
Row 14: First fish is Tuna, second is lobster, and third is Cod
Row 15: Irish moss and dulse (purplish seaweed that we dry and eat)
Row 16: Ringing stitch represents the fishing weirs used in New Brunswick 

Row 17: Great Blue Heron and the Puffin
Row 18: Bargello stitch represents the rolling hills seen in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
Row 19:  Wild flowers - Heather and Purple thistle
Row 20:  Nova Scotia tarten
Row 21:  Star Halifax Citadel

Row 22: Fishing boats
Row 23: Norwich stitch represents the huge ice burgs seen in Newfoundland
Row 24:  The Bluenose
Row 25: Humpback Wales
Row 26: 1st Lighthouse - Cape Bonavista, NFLD
2nd Lighthouse - North cape, PEI
3rd Lighthouse - West Point, PEI
4th Lighthouse - Peggy's Cove, NS
5th Lighthouse - Head Harbour, NB
6th Lighthouse - Old Cape Spear, NFLD
Row 27:  The Fjords of NFLD satin stitched
Row 28: Atlantic Seaboard
Row 29:Bay of Fundy tides are the highest tides in the world and are represented here by Swedish Weaving
Row 30:  "Smartie" and "Jelly Bean" houses seen through the Maritimes
Row 31:  Christmas trees from NS - NS sends a Christmas tree to Boston every year in thanks for the help Boston provided after the massive explosion in Halifax when two ships collided and one was carrying explosives in 1917.
Row 32 and 33 are both rows used to finish off the sampler.