Saturday, October 14, 2006

Number 1- Woodland Snowfall and Rules

Rules to the challenge: My stipulations and exclusions are as follows: 1. I cannot buy any new patterns until 25 projects are completed. Exceptions to this are only patterns that being discontinued or will not be around for long. Gifts and seasonal may also be exceptions. 2. Fibers are not included in this challenge as I doubt I have all the required fibers to complete 25 projects, but I will definitely complete any projects "kitted-up" first before ordering any more new fibers unless absolute necessity demands it. When I say necessity I am referring to something being completed as a gift or season related. 3. Fabrics will be taken from my stash, but if I don't have anything appropriate for a particular project I will order it. 4. I am including the ornaments that I have been working on as part of my completed projects. I haven't done a final count to see where that leaves me, but I will let you all know. Any knitted projects completed from this point forward will also be included in the count. 5. Finally, my last stipulation is that if I feel that I can continue with this challenge up to the 50 projects I will do so. My first finish: 1. Woodland Snowfall by Little House Needleworks